Irreverent Dictionary of
Information Politics
An Illustrated Glossary

by Paul A. Strassmann & John Klossner

We are very sorry, this book is now out of print.

It's not easy to follow all the jargon thrown about in information management circles. This collection of 141 terms and cartoons helps bring the hype back down to earth.

The glossary of Paul Strassmann's latest book, The Politics of Information Management, is packed with witty one-liners, which had the reviewers begging for more. Now you can see more of them in their own book, individually illustrated with new and hilarious cartoons by John Klossner.

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An Irreverent Dictionary of Information Politics
Illustrated by John Klossner
Library of Congress Catalog 94-74275
ISBN 0-9620413-5-1
1995. hardcover, 152 pages, 141 illustrations.
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Here are four sample cartoons:

Consultants: Contractors who learn what your own people could have learned given the same time and money.

Downsizing Through Amputation: An approach to reducing staff. Assumes that severing limbs is the only way to become healthy and profitable.

Password: A means for protecting sensitive information, about as effective as a fishnet umbrella.

Systems planning: The search for an instant fix to chronic problems. Repeated during each budget review.

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